ULAS, (“ULAS” or “Companies”) Inc. is a New York State C-corporation investment vehicle and associate company to Continental Advisory Services (“CAS”), LLC, a family office. ULAS and CAS were incorporated in NYS in 2016 and 2002, respectively. The purpose of ULAS is to pool non-overlapping, yet complementary integrated engineering/3PL offerings in Aeronautics (First Call International, Inc. (“FCI”)), TMT (American Network Solutions (“ANS”)), MEP/Tech for CRE markets ("Lehr" Engineering Group"), Saas-SDLC /eLearning ("Algeo", Inc),  LI-ion tech company ("GBT"), (BlackRidge Technologies, Inc ("BRTI")) and environmental risk management/engineering entity ("Cameron-Cole")  . Hence, an integrated engineering/3PL measured growth strategy.  The ULAS strategy allows an integrated engineering/3PL value chain strategy (import/export) and an opportunity to right-size the combined balance sheets, improve WACC.

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